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[First is salt the best?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[First is salt the best?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

Except for very young babies, everyone eats salt almost every day. In today’s society, people’s diet is rich, so many people have too much salt. The dangers of too much salt are very serious and serious.It can cause edema in the body, so it is recommended that you control the amount of salt and pay attention to the health problems of salt. Which type of salt is currently the best?

The best salt for the earliest?

There are three main types of salt when distinguished from the source: sea salt, lake salt, and mine salt.

Sea salt-as the name suggests, is the salt made from the sea through natural sun drying.

Lake salt-is the salt formed from inland saltwater lakes, which is naturally dried or processed.

Well mineral salt-is the salt made from brine and rock salt under the ground, chemically processed and then processed by vacuum salt.

Different sources of salt have different manufacturing processes, and the quality of table salt naturally varies. Which kind of salt has the highest nutritional value?

Sea salt is usually produced by direct evaporation of seawater and then by manual screening.

Because sea salt is natural, it contains more trace elements and is not chemically treated, so its nutritional content is more balanced.

The salt content of lake salt is obtained through continuous precipitation and is obtained from the bottom of the lake.

Lake salt is treated and untreated, but its trace elements are not as high as sea salt.

Well ore salt is obtained by many artificial means through mechanical deep processing and drying process.

Well mineral salt has undergone some chemical treatments, and its purity is relatively high, but the process of chemical treatment will inevitably bring some artificial pollution in it.

To put it simply: If sea salt is a raw seafood in shallow water, then lake salt is a chilled seafood in the deep sea. As for the well salt, it is more like a semi-finished product with seasoning.

Therefore, sea salt is the preferred table salt in terms of both source and nutrition. However, sea salt is high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, so you still have to choose it according to your needs.

In this comparison, the quality of table salt is as follows: sea salt has the highest quality, followed by lake salt, and finally mine salt.